A Cross Talk Between Fat and Sweet Taste Modalities

Résumé : Introduction: Obesity is currently a major health problem of our modern society. Food abundance and  composition are linked to the increase obesity incidence.  Besides, it is now recognized that high daily consumption of sugar, fat and a lack of physical exercise contribute to obesity. Some studies have shown that the consumption of dietary […]

Asymmetries in Cerebellar Activation during Finger Movements: A Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Study

Resumé :Introduction : The last decades have seen a tremendous increase of research about cerebellar functions. There is a series of theories – not necessarily mutually exclusive – regarding the cerebellum involvement in sensorimotor control supported by a wide range of cerebellar studies. The heterogeneity of the findings encourages further investigations in cerebellar activation, especially […]


Résumé :Introduction : The sense of taste informs the organism about the quality of ingested food. This sense is exposed to many external pathogens and its dysfunction impacts negatively the quality of life. Although immune cells are rarely found in taste bud cells, while high levels of cytokines are observed in taste buds. Yet, the […]

Computational identification & 3D morphological characterization of renal glomeruli in optically cleared murine kidneys

Résumé : Characterization of glomerulus structure is of critical importance to understand the pathophysiological involvements of the kidney in renal and systemic diseases such as cardiovascular dysfunction. The aim of our study was to establish an accessible methodology for the objective identification and three-dimensional morphological characterization of renal glomeruli in mice. Experiments were done on […]